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Samura Kamara, an advocate for Sierra Leone, peace, security, development and...

"My Ministry encourages effective collaboration with international partners and works with other government bodies to ensure that international support is fully utilised, on the terms agreed."

China predicts a bright future for Sierra Leone

Interview with Wu Peng, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the Republic of Sierra Leone

A construction industry thriving on increasing competition

Mohamed Gento Kamara is CEO and Country Director of Gento Group, an indigenous Sierra Leonean company that has developed an impressive reputation in the country’s construction industry. Here, he provides Leading Edge with his experienced views about current and future developments in Sierra Leone’s infrastructure sector.

Sierra Leone is back on its growth path

In an exclusive interview with Leading Edge, President Koroma talks about the resilience of the Sierra Leone people, the country’s economic revival and how his policies aim for inclusive growth and social development.