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The Green Corridor Jordan

Green is the new black

With an abundance of projects and a push from law-makers and investors, Jordan’s green energy sector is literally springing from the desert. Jordan is considered a front runner in the...
wind energy jordan

The energy revolution

Poor in traditional energy resources, Jordan has for too long been dependent on imports of oil and gas. It is now putting the riches it possesses, such as minerals...
Jordan's highways bridge at night

Five reasons to believe in Jordan

Smart, progressive and flexible, Jordan has been named the business capital of the Levant. In recent years, the country’s business environment has experienced significant changes in its complexity, competitiveness...
Ahmad Amoudi General Manager, CRIF Jordan

Unlocking Credit

Interview with Ahmad Amoudi General Manager, CRIF Jordan How did the establishment of a Credit Bureau by CRIF come about? In 2010 the Credit Bureau Law was passed by Parliament in Jordan. A...
Amman, Jordan

A Steady Course

Despite facing challenges to its economic growth, Jordan has been determined to find solutions. Political stability, public-private partnerships in key sectors and new legislation that makes its business environment...