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Sudan’s economy awakens

Sudan has undeniably suffered some seismic shocks to its economy in the past decade: namely the global financial crisis and the succession of South Sudan in 2011, which led to Sudan losing more than 80% of its oil fields. But the country has stood up, brushed itself off and has taken important steps to diversify its economy and fund sources in order to bolster its income through other sectors.

A Saudi-Sudanese synergy

The Sudanese government predicts that Saudi investments in Sudan will increase to $15 billion (US) in 2016, up 4 billion from $11 billion in 2015. H.E. Osama Faisal Elsayed Ali, (OF) Sudan’s State Minister of Investment, talks to Leading Edge about the importance of the relationship
Paraguay at the heart of South America

Paraguay at the heart of South America

Far from depending on its many neighbours, Paraguay — nestled in the bosom of the continent — has actively drawn on all its geographical advantages
paraguay electricity

Challenges and opportunities in the energy sector

Ranked as the fourth-largest electricity exporter in the world, after France, Germany and Canada, Paraguay is using this competitive advantage to solidify its economy

Confidence restored

After nearly a decade of 5% year-on-year growth, the solid macroeconomic foundations of Paraguay have been laid. The Cartes administration is passing new legislation to create a friendlier investment climate