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Leading Edge launches Guide on Uganda 2018

Leading Edge is proud to announce the launch of its new investment guide on Uganda building upon the success of the 2017 edition.

African Development Bank pours US $22.9 million into Sudan’s education sector

The African Development Bank (AfDB) and Sudan’s Ministry of Higher Education, on November 3, 2016 in Khartoum concluded a six-day training workshop on basic modules on principles of educational administration and management. The training was part of the US $22.9 million capacity building for improved quality of education system and skills development (CBIQESD) project...
comesa funding agreement with sudan

Sudan, COMESA sign €2.9 million funding agreement

Sudan will receive 2.9 million Euros from the COMESA Adjustment Facility (CAF) between 2016 and 2017 following the signing of a grant agreement with COMESA. This is an addition to a similar facility of 1.2 million Euros signed in May last year.

Leading Edge Guides and COMESA form an official partnership

Mr Sindiso Ngwenya, Secretary General of COMESA — the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa — and Leading Edge representative Isabelle Laclau recently met in Lusaka to establish the basis for a partnership between both organisations. Leading Edge is delighted that this joint union will lead to the development of investment guides for COMESA Member States.
azerbaijan hosting global events

Azerbaijan’s improving reputation for hosting global events

Azerbaijan, one of the pre-eminent countries from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), has achieved a great deal in its 20 years of independence. From what was once simply an oil producing region of the former Soviet Union, the country is now facing the 21st century.

Azerbaijan Investment Guide 2015

Azerbaijan, the "land of fire" is a relative newcomer to world attention, and is in the process of breaking away from the shackles of the hydrocarbon and petrochemical industries.

Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Azerbaijan

Year 2014 marked the 10th anniversary of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, and in such a short space of time it has done a great deal to forward the ideas of the man himself, and of Azerbaijan across the world,...

Barcelona, a city moving forward

What is an innovative city? A question that surely all leaders of civic municipalities ask themselves when they are faced with budget cuts that far outstrip anything that has come before. The crisis of 2008, that is only now beginning to recede, caused havoc with the budgets of both cities and countries,...

Barcelona innovation overview – Bridging the digital divide

Barcelona is an innovative city, a city that is looking towards the future, and wants to learn from the administrative and budgetary mistakes of the past. But in the current climate of budget cuts and falling tax receipts, how can a city continue to provide essential services to its population, and at the same time,

Barcelona, the mobile capital

Barcelona is the Mobile World Capital (MWC), a position that places the capital of Catalonia at the top table of mobile technology, and allows the city to become one of the leading destinations for investment in mobile technology – both of the capital and human kind.

Barcelona economic balance: a diverse city

As one of the most important tourism destinations in the Mediterranean, Barcelona’s economy is dominated by its services sector, although the traditional industrial heartland that carried Spain through the industrial revolution is alive and well. Ongoing construction projects, coupled with automotive, chemical-pharmaceutical and food clusters are just a few of the industries that keep the city’s wheels oiled.

Paraguay to host the IDB-IIC Annual Meetings in 2017

Luis Alberto Moreno-President of the IDB, Santiago Peña-Min. of Finance of Paraguay, Michael Halkitis-Min. of State for Finance Bahamas, announcing Paraguay will host the IDB-IIC Annual Meetings in 2017
paraguay flag

Paraguay: A South American powerhouse rises

Throughout all the instability the country has seen since the impeachment of former President Lugo, and even during the years of isolation at the end of the Stroessner regime, Paraguay has had some of the strongest macro-economic.....
horacio cartes president of paraguay

Paraguay 2015: Horacio Cartes, the Reformer

Reforms are key for any new governmental administration when it takes power, and the Cartes government arrived to many areas of the country’s economic and social fabric on which to improve....

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