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Sudan 2016 Investment Guide: A new dawn

SUDAN 2016 Investment Guide

Sudan has undeniable suffered some seismic shocks to its economy in the past decade: the global financial crisis and the succession of South Sudan in 2011, which led to Sudan losing more than 80% of its oil fields. But the country has stood up, brushed itself off and has taken important steps to diversify its economy and find sources in order to bolster its income through other sectors.

Our investment guide offers an in depth coverage to the different trade and investment opportunities available in the economy of Sudan, a sectorial approach led by interviews with the leaders of the companies and institutions spearheading economic development. The guide will serve as an investment presentation for the country, and tailor made distribution will allow for communication with the most proactive audiences.

Africa's newest country, the breadbasket of the Arab world, an

H.E. Dr Ahmed Bilal Osman (AB), Sudan’s Minister of Information,

H.E. Omar Hasan Ahmad al-Bashir, President of the Republic of

Sudan has created an increasingly open investment legislative framework, which

Sudan is looking to harness its rich natural resources to

The Sudanese government predicts that Saudi investments in Sudan will

Sudan has undeniably suffered some seismic shocks to its economy

“Takaful” is an Arabic word meaning a mutual guarantee. Conceptualised

H.E. Badr Al-Din Mahmoud Abbas (BA), Sudan’s Minister of Finance,

Microfinance brings citizens into the financial mainstream. It is one

Sudanese French Bank, the sixth largest of Sudan’s 37 commercial

With a growing customer base and a widening range of

The story of the agricultural sector in Sudan is one

H.E. Prof Ibrahim Adam Ahmed al-Dukheri (IA), Sudan’s Minister of

There is a region in Sudan just north of the

Cotton has been one of Sudan’s most precious natural resources

The Hashim Hago group exports Sudanese crops like sesame and

From cattle to camels, livestock is already a key sector

Gum Arabic, a natural commodity made from the sap of

H.E. Dr Mohamed Yousif Ali (MY), Sudan’s Minister of Industry,

We speak to GIAD Industrial Group’s Chairman, Al-Amin Mohammed Ahmed

We speak to Abdel Sayed Taha (AS), Managing Director at

Kenana is on the cusp of broadening its global footprint.

Sudan has always been known to have huge mineral potential,

H.E. Dr Ahmed M.M. Alsadig Al-karory (AM), Minister of Minerals,

Kamal Al Haj (KA), General Manager at Sudamin, explains how

After years of being focused primarily on gold, Ariab Mining

THE ARIAB MINING COMPANY (AMC), now fully owned by the

The pure geographical nature of Sudan gives it a headstart

Chinese investments have played a pivotal role in efforts to

H.E. Makkawi Mohamed Awad (MM), Minister of Transport, Roads &

H.E. Ibrahim Fadul, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Roads

Sudan’s unique location, along with its varied ethnic groups, have

Today’s investment in Sudan’s railways and roads is part of

Sudan is sixth on the list of Africa’s top ten

With major communications infrastructure now in place, Sudan has opened

We speak to Tarig Hamza Zainelabdin (TH) about his experience

We hear what Dr Abdelrahman Mohamed Dirar (AM) — Chairman

Sudatel is a company which stepped into Sudan’s telecommunications market

Inaugurated in 2015, the Sudatel Data Center (SDC) offers services

From modern glass buildings in the capital, glittering in the

Ancient cities, desert safaris, diving in the Red Sea —

The friendliness and welcoming nature of the Sudanese people are

Comfort, charm and efficiency are the hallmarks of the Basiri

The British Council was formed in 1934 to create friendly