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Paraguay 2016 Investment Guide

PARAGUAY 2016 Investment Guide

Stable, competitive and bursting with business opportunities, Paraguay continues to drive forth change. As it gains credibility around the globe, the rapidly diversifying country is using unprecedented inward investment to close the inequality gap and build a sustainable future.

The agriculture, retail and construction sectors are Paraguay’s main economic pillars and private foreign investment is fully encouraged in this modernising country of 6.8 million. Incentives include tax breaks, full repatriation of capital and profit, as well as the same rights for foreign investors as local business people. In the last two years, Standard & Poor’s, Fitch and Moody’s all upgraded Paraguay’s credit ratings.

Sudameris has accompanied the growth of Paraguay during the last

Paraguay and Russia develop an unprecedented agenda for business and

Gustavo Leite, Paraguay’s Minister of Trade & Industry, talks to

After nearly a decade of 5% year-on-year growth, the solid

While Latin America’s economic giants, Brazil and Argentina, are suffering

In 2013, Horacio Cartes was elected as Paraguay’s new President.

Leading Edge talks to Jorge Talavera, Corporate Affairs Manager at

Luis Villasanti, President of the Asociación Rural del Paraguay, talks

J. Agustín Magallanes L., President & General Manager at ContiParaguay

Leading Edge in coversation with Luis Pettengill, President of meat

Leading Edge speaks to Diego Puente, General Manager of CAIASA,

Leading Edge in conversation with Ángel Recalde, Magaging Director of

Itaipú and Yacyretá are two mighty hydropower stations providing clean

Leading Edge talks to Dr James Spalding, Managing Director of

Ranked as the fourth-largest electricity exporter in the world, after

A bold national telecommunications plan combined with an effective social

Fabián Sesto, President of Imperial Shipping Paraguay, talks to Leading

Ramón Jiménez Gaona, Paraguay’s Minister of Public Works and Communications,

Millicom offers a range of digital services to more than

The Hidrovía waterway project, in which Paraguay plays a leading

Paraguay is opening the way for new investment in the

Oscar Harrison & Justo Ferreira, President & General Manager of

Oscar Vicente Scavone, President of Scavone Laboratories, in conversation with

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President Cartes is committed to social housing reforms to address

Leading Edge meets Alejandro Loza de Balanzó and Alfredo Heraso

Eduardo Marques Almeida, the Inter-American Development Bank’s Representative in Paraguay,

We spoke with Soledad Núñez, Paraguay’s Minister for Housing within

From subtropical forests to Jesuit ruins, and colonial towns to

Paraguayan legislation has facilitated new routes for Air Europa in

Rodolfo Angenscheidt, top chef in Paraguay, talks to Leading Edge

This year marked the 35th annual EXPO Paraguay event, a