Upcoming 2017 Myanmar Investment Guide

International governments and investors have celebrated the smoothness of Myanmar’s political transition after the November 2015 elections. Economic growth, which lowered slightly in the fiscal year 2015/2016 (ending March 31st 2016), is this year expected to climb again to 8%, in line with the average of last five years. Such economic growth is the highest in Asia and among the highest globally.




Since the transition, growth has accelerated buoyed by improved macroeconomic management, increased gas production and exports, and better performance in non-gas sectors as the economy opened up.
The country has strong potential for broad economic expansion, possessing abundant natural resources, a strategic location at the crossroads of Asia, a young population, and a sizeable market with wide-ranging investment opportunities. The new political situation will noticeably improve investment ows throughout the key economic sectors of the country, from agriculture, oil and gas, to electricity, mining, industry, real estate and tourism. This investment will contribute to fostering technological input into the economy, hence facilitating stronger and more inclusive economic growth.

Leading Edge Myanmar Investment Guide 2017 will offer a select, influential and affluent audience a thorough description of the trade and investment opportunities available in the country. Every sector of the economy will be analysed through articles written by Leading Edge’s team of economic experts, combined with interviews with government o cials, local and foreign entrepreneurs, and academic leaders. We hope to raise the pro le of the country as an investment destination by facilitating solid and practical information about it.

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