2016 September

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In with the old, in with the new

From modern glass buildings in the capital, glittering in the unforgiving heat, to some of the world’s oldest pyramids in cities beyond, and world-class diving in the Red Sea, with the right backing Sudan could become a tourism hotspot

Discovering Sudan’s hidden treasures

Ancient cities, desert safaris, diving in the Red Sea — Sudan has all this and more to offer the tourist. H.E. Dr Mohamed Abuzaid Mustafa (MA), Minister of Tourism, Antiquities & Wildlife reveals how the government plans to bring these hidden treasures to the attention of tourists and investors from around the world

Combining local hospitality with world-class service

The friendliness and welcoming nature of the Sudanese people are combined with world-class service to create a unique experience for guests at the Al Salam Rotana Khartoum Hotel. General Manager Adnan Dayoub (AD) explains how staff training and international promotion have contributed to the hotel’s success

Basiri Plaza – the height of hospitality

Comfort, charm and efficiency are the hallmarks of the Basiri Plaza, a hotel that embodies the Sudanese spirit of hospitality. The hotel’s owner, Mohammed Basiri (MB), explains why and also provides some tips on his favourite places to visit in the country

Building trust and understanding through cultural exchange

The British Council was formed in 1934 to create friendly awareness and understanding between the people of the United Kingdom and other nations. Charles Nuttall (CN), Director of the British Council in Sudan, talks about the organisation’s work in the country and the successes it has achieved